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We bought this biogas plant under my Husband’s compulsion. Initially, I was not interested in this. But, once I started using the biogas plant, I felt very comfortable and was highly satisfied that my kitchen wastes are yielding some savings for me. I use this biogas for my complete morning cooking. The green colour of the vegetables are maintained while cooking in Biogas. My children feel that Biogas cooked food tastes good. My mother-in-law is happy about cleanliness it maintains.

Varun, Customer

Usually, LPG comes for 30 days in our home. Now, it is coming for 50 days and so using this 0.5 m3 Biogas plant, I could save 20 days of LPG. I usually collect the wastes from my tenant and feed the plant twice a day. So,I used to cook twice in the morning and also in the evening using this biogas. We have a small terrace garden. We use the manure coming out of the biogas plant to feed the garden as fertiliser. It is highly useful and the flowers (Hibiscus) are bigger in size than before.

Preeth Singh, Customer

We feed the biogas plant with nightsoil (Human waste) waste and cow dung. We have taken the biogas from groundfloor to first floor and we are happy about using this biogas plant. It is giving us a good LPG savings and we are happy about treating our sewage wastes as well.

Ajay Varma, Customer

Our savings is Rs. 30000/- per month. 200 kg of our canteen waste generated everyday is utilised for generating biogas in our Unit-II. Our plant is completely automated and the labour involvement is very minimal.

Rohit, Customer