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Waste collection, primarily the sourcing of solid, wet and dry waste is a significant part of the waste management cycle. Successful solid waste management is one that seamlessly manages the storage, collection, transport, segregation and final disposal of waste. Get Green Bio Energy understands the difficulty and complexity associated with the proper collection of waste, pickup by the crew, transport management through neighbourhoods and transfer from pickup to disposal point.


Waste water treatment – treating water unfit for human consumption – into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle or reused is an essential step towards ensuring that we maximize. Get Green Bio Energy applies its globally  expertise to extract waste water’s full value. We help generate reusable water using efficient solutions, by implementing water treatment technologies that not just meet stringent quality standards reduce ecological impact.


Bio-CNG is the purified form of biogas, without other gaseous impurities. It is very similar to natural gas in its composition and energy potential, is a renewable energy source, eco-friendly and can replace LPG and CNG easily. It is also very cost-effective to produce, making it one of the cheaper fuels.In Bio-CNG production, biogas is cleaned of hydrogen & carbon-dioxide to produce 95% methane gas. This pure gas is compressed and bottled for transportation and usage.

Our Products


Biogas is called as the energy of the future, just as waste will become tomorrow’s gold. Portable Biogas Plants or digestors not just fulfil the purpose of managing a family’s waste hygienically and safely, but can also address their energy requirement. In the newest generation of household biogas systems, waste can be converted into energy in hours! Unique and created with a strategic design, Get Green Bio Energy ready-to-use, pre-fabricated units provide the ultimate biogas experience :quick assembly, low-maintenance, durability, and convenient.


Fully automatic, highly compact and effective, Get Green Bio Energy Waste Composting Machine addresses the waste management needs of residential and commercial spaces. Built with sturdy materials, the machine uses micro-organisms to break down organic wet waste into compost in a natural. Fitted with a humidity sensor, heater, mixing blades and an exhaust system, our composting machine is a wonderful way to convert organic waste, into nutrient enriched fertilizer, several times better than natural manure that can be used to grow fruits and flowering plants.


Biogas as an energy source on a large scale has considerable advantages, in comparison with fast depleting fossil fuels traditionally used for energy production. Because of the versatility of biogas as a low pollutant, high yielding, renewable energy source, it can be used to produce electricity, generate heat and bio-methane gas for small and large establishments.The larger manifold impact of biogas use is in decentralized energy production and provision, reduction of energy imports resulting in increased profits and increase in security of energy supplies.


  • Feed the System
  • Digestion Process
  • Biogas is Formed
  • Use By-Products

Place your food waste into the system Dustbin. The waste will fall directly into the digester tank.

The sun’s heat will activate the bacteria in the tank. The bacteria break down the waste and produce biogas.

Biogas collects in the gas tank and is stored at low pressure. A pipe carries the gas to the kitchen stove.

Cook on the clean biogas and use the natural, liquid fertiliser.

How It Works!

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